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​​Estate Planning, including Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys and Living Wills

Other Estate Procedures:

Small Estate Affidavits

Summary Administrations

(when real estate is less than $50,000)

Spread Will of Records

Foreign Domiciliary Procedures

Anciliary Estates

For your estate planning needs: Wills, Trusts and Power-of-Attorney forms and Probate Estates.

Estate Administration and Probate in Indiana

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​Estate Plans or Probate Attorney in Indianapolis

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When you lose a loved one - everything can change.   You need the right probate attorney to assist you from the beginning. At the Law Office of Arlene Kline, we care and will assist you in a professional manner to ease the transition of settling the estate.

Arlene was a paralegal for nearly 20 years at the time she got her law decree. Knowing the law with the procedures will help you get things done more timely and at less cost.